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Proxy Research

2022 Italian Proxy Season Review

2022 Dutch Proxy Season Review 

2021 Proxy Season Review 



Find out what the debt markets can expect in 2022 and key insights

These are the 5 trends that shaped the 2021 bond market, and may shape 2022 too

An exploration of the relationship between Sukuk and ESG investing

An examination of what fixed income ESG investors look for and their growing importance in capital raising

An overview of the landscape in 2021 and investigation into which issuers need to pursue consent solicitations.

Discover important insights into the key variables affecting a smooth (L)IBOR Transition

CMi2i discovered that for many U.S. LIBOR-linked bonds, a legislative solution will not be possible

An exploration of the fragmented secondary bond market and its effect on the (L)IBOR transition

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to considerable stress on high yield bonds and a very opaque secondary market

By analysing over-leveraged issuers in 2009, we identify an unforeseen consequence of having too much debt

Find out what investors’ real thoughts and concerns are in CMi2i’s LIBOR Transition Perception Study

The Power of Perception Studies
ESG Activism At the Gate

The Power of Perception Studies

CMi2i in collaboration with the Italian Investor Relations Association

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ESG Activism At the Gate

CMi2i in collaboration with AERI, Blackrock, Aena, Corporance Asesores de Voto

Why All Issuers Should be Concerned About Shareholder Activists

Why All Issuers Should Be Concerned About Shareholder Activists

CMi2i in collaboration with DIRF and Rothschild & Co.