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ESG Solutions: Insights on risks and opportunities with actionable recommendations

ESG is the focus of issuers and investors across the world for good reason. Both parties need to identify the risks being presented by climate change, a new regulatory environment and the colossal shift in the allocation of capital, while simultaneously finding opportunities that will help them outperform in this quickly evolving paradigm.

For companies, it is important that ESG investment within the shareholder base is understood, the ESG risks facing the company are analysed, and the opportunities are capitalised on.  It is also crucial that reporting not only meets burgeoning regulatory requirements, but also the expectations and needs of shareholders.   

As with anything, ESG analysis is only as good as the information it relies on. CMi2i uses the industry gold-standard of ESG data through our partnerships with Morningstar/Sustainalytics, Factset/Truevalue and Bloomberg. This gives us the most accurate, up-to-date ESG fund information based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, which we are continually mapping to our own intelligence.

CMi2i’s ESG team provide a suite of distinct ESG services that are unique to CMi2i, developed from working closely with clients. Note that you must contact us for details of these services as they are not all listed below. 

Our advisors have deep experience helping corporates, PE firms and financial institutions navigate this increasingly complex world and are trusted by CEOs, CFOs, IROs and sustainability heads to answer hard questions and provide-ongoing advice. 



ESG Services


This analysis provides medium-depth insights across a wide spectrum of ESG-related investor risks and relative performance. It includes ESG investment benchmarking against peers, geographic assessments and an investor divestment risk analysis - carefully evaluating the pertinent ESG factors for the capital markets. 

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Targeting best-fit ESG funds is a crucial part of navigating the new world we find ourselves in. As funds evaluate their own investments with regard to ESG, issuers also need to evaluate which funds are most aligned with their own progress and ratings. CMi2i’s ESG Investor Targeting Report provides you with a list of investor targets based on peers, geography and relevant ESG metrics including risk ratings and exclusions. Our methodology includes both tried and tested quantitative methodology as well as qualitative analysis.

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CMi2i's unique ESG Full View is an in-depth report that offers 360 degree insights, providing comprehensive benchmarking on the full spectrum of ESG metrics including disclosure, reporting, goals, strategy, performance and communications. Our unique process provides corporate issuers with a roadmap for improvement. 

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We provide quality, in-depth perception studies executed by a senior advisor or analyst and overseen by our ESG team. CMi2i will typically ask investors about their preferred ESG reporting frameworks, preferred ESG rating services, ESG investment approach, perceptions of the company’s reporting & messaging, and thoughts regarding areas for improvement. ESG perception studies are the best way of truly understanding why investors are or aren’t investing in you, and how they evaluate companies in terms of ESG.

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The ESG Insights report was 5 star. CMi2i's advisors are incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with.


Unparalleled Quality

Why we are different

  • We have over 20k ESG funds mapped - across three different ESG data providers. This allows us to see with great accuracy which funds within your shareholder base are ESG, and the level of ESG risk in their portfolios.

  • We are able to denote the level and type of ESG principles the fund uses in its investment thesis so that you are better able to understand the importance of ESG to that particular investor.

  • Our ESG targeting is based on our proprietary shareholder identification methodology and clearly identifies target ESG investors broken down by peers, country and sector. We also provide contact details.

  • CMi2i’s ESG Full View Report is the only of its kind within the industry. It includes a full investigation of your ESG effort break-through and clear data-driven recommendations.

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