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CMi2i is changing the way proxy is done. Due to the evolving behaviour of shareholders - the dispersed way in which shares are held and the disconnect between the money manager and who actually has the vote - the success of today’s proxy solicitations largely depend on the accuracy of the shareholder identification and analysis. Without this fundamental first step, issuers stand to mis-identify who actually votes at their General Meetings as asset managers may or may not control the voting rights.

Our proprietary method for identifying shareholders gets results. CMi2i’s experienced proxy team has a proven track-record of securing favourable outcomes, stemming from our unrivalled insight into share ownership and voting rights and our ability to perform a comprehensive support & risk analysis.

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Win the vote

Our uniquely effective proxy process

  • Execute a full shareholder identification & analysis, using our proprietary methodology (not relying on pubic filings)

  • Create solicitation strategy & plan focused on the specific requirements of the upcoming meeting and results of shareholder identification

  • Review preliminary proxy statement, highlighting issues that may result in ‘withhold’ or ‘against’ recommendations from proxy advisory firms

  • Execute proactive campaign if needed to change voters’ minds

  • Perform a ‘risk analysis’ to ascertain the likelihood of a particular resolution being passed, and adjust campaign as required

  • Schedule and coordinate the distribution of the solicitation material

  • Solicit votes from all shareholder constituencies

  • Update client regularly and deliver a post-meeting review

A large portion of the funds we thought had voting mandates, didn’t, as CMi2i uncovered for us. We had been wasting a huge amount of time on investors that couldn’t even vote.


Reasearch & INsights

2021 AGM Season Review

CMi2i’s 2021 AGM Season Review is full of insights on topics ranging from ‘Say-on-Climate’ to remuneration trends.

Download here >

reduce risk

Why CMi2i is different

CMi2i is set apart from other proxy firms by one simple reality: we identify more shareholders with the voting mandate, and we actively engage and communicate with those holders, powerfully impacting voting behaviour.

We reduce the risk of a resolution failing by ensuring that:

1.  The right shareholders are identified

2.  The right decision makers are identified

3.  The issue/transaction messaging is effectively communicated

4. The decision making timing and process is understood

5.  The shareholders are mobilised and not impeded by voting logistics


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