Global Shareholder Identification

Whether it is planning the IR calendar, an AGM or a contested merger—accurate shareholder identification is the first step. CMi2i is able to provide the world’s most accurate and complete shareholder identification service to issuers for several reasons:

  • We use a unique methodology to identify the beneficial owner of the shares

  • We do not rely on public data

  • Our analysts’ experience and their proprietary mapping tables uncover hidden insights that other providers are unable to deliver

Most providers rely on public data. Unfortunately, public data sets are incomplete (as many fund types are not required to disclose publicly), out of date (as the disclosure frequency is varied – some institutions only publish information once per year), and little or no intelligence is provided with regards to the investment decision maker (especially for multi-managed funds) or corporate governance/voting policies.

Unparalelled Quality

Why we are different

CMi2i is fundamentally different to other intelligence providers, particularly the new data platforms. Our proprietary mapping tables and extensive experience allows our analysts to uncover investors that go unidentified by other providers.

CMi2i’s analyst teams have the ability to not only identify who owns your shares, but help determine why they are holding, what they are likely to do in the future, and how this information can be used to help determine the shape of your future shareholder structure.

  • We provide the most accurate identification and analysis of global shareholders, even if there are multiple listings and share classes

  • We identify who manages the investment mandate and who holds the voting power

  • CMi2i has mapped over 150k funds under management, allowing us to accurately decipher custodian bank disclosures

  • CMi2i will work to your timeline

Unquestionably the best shareholder intelligence we have received. CMi2i identified 30% more investors than our previous provider.


Report Overview

The devil is in the detail

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