CMi2i's LIBOR Perception Study: This Is What Investors Really Think About LIBOR

Published 2 April 2020 by CMi2i Editorial Team

As COVID-19’s impact on the markets continues to unfold, one challenge that continues to face the bond community is that of the LIBOR transition. Whether the FCA and Bank of England announce an extension to the deadline remains to be seen. However with only eighteen months to go, most issuers and investors understand the risks of letting market events stall their progress.

Prior to COVID-19, the FCA announced a renewed focus on the LIBOR transition. CMi2i’s conversations with market participants indicated that there was a lack of attention given to the thoughts of the investment community. To that end, CMi2i’s LIBOR Investor Perception Study aims to gain insight into the thoughts of those investors whose holdings will be directly affected by the transition.

Though there has been a high degree of focus on issuers and regulators, CMi2i felt that the investor viewpoint has been neglected. Our study gives voice to the investment community, focusing on their expectations of issuers with regard to the LIBOR transition and the implications that this will have on their opinion of these issuers over the long-term.

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LIBOR Transition Perception Study IMAGE.PNG