CMi2i & Rothschild & Co Webinar: What Issuers Need to Know About Shareholder Activism

Published 21 October 2020 by CMi2i Editorial Team

CMi2i and Rothschild & Co recently hosted a webinar on behalf on the Danish Investor Relations Society which gave an in-depth explanation as to why all issuers should be concerned about shareholder activism.  Mark Simms, CEO of CMi2i, and Alice Squires, Head of Shareholder Engagement and Investor Advisory at Rothschild & Co, examined the changing dynamics of share ownership, the interplay between debt and equity, and the lurking danger of activists—which in today’s environment, come in more than one form.

The webinar started with Mark sharing proprietary research that CMi2i’s head analyst conducted earlier this year. Historically companies with a stable shareholder base have been relatively immune to shareholder activism. But with the Covid crisis causing tremendous amounts of volatility, CMi2i found that shareholder structures have become unrecognisable to what they were only a matter of months ago, and contained activist investors unknown to the issuers examined.

Which bodes the question, how do you identify if you are at risk? And if you do identify a threat, what do you do about it?  Are there tactics that can be used to find and defend against activists before it is too late? These are some of the questions that were answered in this compelling and informative session.

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