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Capital Market Intelligence & Investor
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Corporate Governance Advisory & Proxy Solicitation Support

Capital Markets Advisory
& Engagement

1. Capital Market Intelligence & Investor Relations Support

The following services comprise the main components of a successful IR Programme. Taken individually, they provide value. Taken together, they provide the basis for effective capital markets engagement.

Global Shareholder Identification
  • Comprehensive and detailed breakdown of Global Shareholder Structure, with analysis of beneficial ownership, correctly linked to money management and the voting chain.

Shareholder Composition Analysis
  • Asset allocations and investment strategies are vitally important to an understanding of the interaction between shareholders and value; CMi2i analysis understands and examines this relationship.

Investor Perception Analysis

  • Focused on the questions which matter to investors and, as a result, are important to our clients, the team undertakes dialogue based interviews NOT questionnaires.

International Investor Targeting
  • Utilising CMi2i's core competence within shareholder analysis and capital market intelligence, we provide a unique operating model which supports long term investor engagement at the right level.

Services - Corporate Governance Advisory & Proxy Solicitation Support

2. Corporate Governance Advisory & Proxy Solicitation Support

Proxy Solicitation

  • Our proxy solicitation and corporate governance advisory services, assisting our clients by providing advice on and executing successful engagement with shareholders.

Corporate Governance Roadshows
  • CMi2i Proxy can organise a strategic targeted schedule of meetings with the corporate governance contacts at the company's largest institutional investors.

Resolution Analysis Monitor (RAM)
  • Capital markets are continuing to increase and sharpen their consideration of governance related issues as they relate to investments in the securities of listed companies. CMi2i Proxy's RAM is a software platform that will provide best practice governance requirements.

Post-meeting Analysis

  • In order to provide an issuer with a better understanding of the voting behaviour of its shareholders, CMi2i Proxy offers to carry out an analysis and reconciliation of the voting process.

Services - Capital Markets Advisory & Engagement

3. Capital Markets Advisory & Engagement

Enhanced Shareholder Targeting (EST)
  • Combining the core elements of CMi2i's services, our shareholder targeting concept draws on detailed shareholder analysis which forms the basis of "value chain" peer group analysis. The targeting process utilises CMi2i's understanding of emerging valuation trends within the investment audience and tests central hypotheses using sophisticated perception analysis tools.

    Our aim is to provide clients with the most relevant assessment of which funds will provide support for the equity, not simply a comparison of underweight positions within peer holdings.

Investor Perception Analysis
  • An extension of the Enhanced Shareholder Targeting, CMi2i's advisory team provides perception analysis for clients focused on central investment themes. The team's experience and expertise in equity capital markets allows it to design specific studies which allow detailed interviews with key stakeholders.

    Our research is based on knowledge and the consequent ability to hold a conversation which provides detailed insights to current issues and trends.

Valuation Analysis
  • The process of identifying investment value is increasingly sophisticated. CMi2i's advisory team has considerable experience in understanding the key metrics which are assessed in this process. It also has the ability to understand forecast and valuation models, providing clients with the basis on which to influence the equity capital market's view of their value.


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